Surprise Joins CABC

New Council/Resident Committees

Mayor Sharon Wolcott and the Surprise City Council have announced the formation of new City Council sub-committees and working groups, designed to more closely integrate the Council’s policy-making role and oversight of the City’s operations and long-range planning.

A new approach for the City of Surprise, Mayor Wolcott says it emulates other successful models at the local and national level.

“Our goal was to create a system to maintain focus on significant issues facing the city,” says Mayor Wolcott. “The committees and workgroups enable us to work more effectively to address those urgent, crucial issues, and get results for our residents.”

Council members will have greater impact on the decisions that lead to development of new policy, better enabling them to represent their constituents, she added.

There will be seven committees and six workgroups, each featuring City Council members and chaired by a Council member. In a unique addition, some committees and work groups will include Surprise residents who have special skills and experience to recommend them as a qualified voice and community advocate. The committees will be standing bodies, while the work groups will focus on specific issues or events.

The new committees are:

• Best Practices, chaired by Councilman Todd Tande, District 6.
• Boards and Commissions Selection, chaired by Councilman Roland Winters, District 1.
• Committee on Rules, chaired by Vice Mayor Skip Hall, District 5.
• Performance Evaluation Leaders, chaired by Tande.
• Development, chaired by Mayor Wolcott.
• Grants and Community Outreach, chaired by Councilman Jim Biundo, District 2.
• Water Planning, chaired by Vice Mayor Hall.

The new workgroups are:

• I ❤ (Heart) Grand Festival, chaired by Councilwoman Rachel Villanueva, District 4.
• Youth Master Plan, chaired by Councilman John Williams, District 3.
• Form-Based Code, chaired by Mayor Wolcott
• OTS Stakeholders, chaired by Villanueva
• Quarterly Mayor’s Business Roundtable, chaired by Mayor Wolcott
• For Our City, co-chaired by Hall and Tande