Shop Surprise

Support Surprise, buy local this holiday season

Shopping your hometown is the best gift you can give to your community.

By keeping sales tax dollars at home, you are helping to pay for city services that you count on such as police, fire, park operations and street repair.

“By shopping Surprise we are also supporting our local employers and their employees, potentially resulting in additional job growth,” says Mayor Sharon Wolcott. “And we have so many more choices now, particularly in the city’s retail sector.”

Between 2010 and 2013, several areas of retail in Surprise, including sporting goods, music, book and hobby stores increased an estimated 100 percent.  Local purchasing echoed the growth in retailers, jumping from an estimated $5 million in 2010 to $17 million in 2013 in those same sectors.*

“And a growing local economy has already resulted in a positive impact on the city’s bond rating this year,” adds Wolcott.

The city’s General Obligation Bond rating was upgraded by Standard & Poor’s from “A” to “AA-” in September, following a similar upgrade by Fitch ratings in February.

* Data source: ESRI / Dun & Bradstreet