Major Decisions Facing City Council at June 7 Meeting

The City Council will be making significant decisions at the next Council meeting that will impact Surprise – and our residents’ quality lifestyle – for the next decade and beyond.

At the June 7 meeting, my Council colleagues and I will discuss whether to move forward on a bond election this year.

A potential bond election is a topic that community stakeholders – including residents, community leaders, local civic groups and this Council – have been talking about since last year when a citizen committee was formed to further examine capital projects and explore ways to fund them.

Although we decided not to move forward on a bond election last year – largely due to the Dysart Unified School District’s override election – city representatives continued having conversations about meeting the current and future needs of our growing community through bond financing.

Part of the city’s year-long dialogue included recent public outreach meetings that City Manager Bob Wingenroth and his team held throughout the community to inform residents of the recommended bond projects that were vetted by the citizen committee as well as to obtain residents’ input on their highest priorities.

The capital projects, which would be constructed in phases over the next five years, will fund specific public safety, street improvement and recreation projects citywide. To view the proposed projects in detail, visit www.surpriseaz.gov/surpriseforward.

In addition to deciding whether to move forward on a bond election this year, the Council must also determine which projects to include in the final bond project list and how the projects will be presented on the ballot in November.

Borrowing money through the issuance of general obligation bonds is one of the more common ways cities pay for large capital projects. Cities repay (or retire) bond debt through revenue generated from secondary property taxes. Using bond financing to pay for large city projects is very similar to you and I using mortgage financing to purchase a home.

Although the Council will be making tough decisions on June 7, it will ultimately be you – the voters of Surprise – who will decide in November if we want these public safety, infrastructure and quality-of-life projects in our hometown.

To view the June 7 work session and meeting agendas, please visit http://agenda.surpriseaz.gov.